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Brightest Day - Narrative Play Mission 7

Mission 7: Brightest Day

The Romulan fleet has reached its destination, Betazed.  Luckily, the Horizon has managed to assemble a fleet to oppose them...

The Horizon is joined by the Bajoran Interceptor from "Changing Tides", the USS Essex from "The Great Beyond", the IKS Kahless from "Articles of War", an additional Klingon Bird of Prey and the USS Madison.

Each of the named ships has its own ability, the Essex can use an action to place 3 time tokens on itself, when the tokens run out, it regains all lost shields.

The Kahless can re-roll all blank results when attacking.

The USS Madison gains +1 defence die for each other Federation ship in the fleet.

In addition, the USS Essex is commanded by Captain Rixx, a skill 7 Captain with the following ablity: When attacking, if your target has a friendly ship in its front arc, you gain +2 attack dice.

It also has a secondary weapon that allows it to target up to two ships within range 2 in a 360 degree arc.

This should make the two Galaxy class ships something they normally are not in Attack Wing: Dangerous.

All damage sustained by the Romulan fleet in the first part of this mission is carried over, so as it stands only two of the ships are able to cloak, the Reman Warbird and D'Deridex 3 (signified by Tomalak).

Anyway, onto the game!

The Federation combined fleet sets up as so:
 The two fleets close and exchange fire:
  One of the D'Deridex Warbirds falls to fire from the USS Madison:
 The Warbirds concentrate fire on the Bird of Prey, reducing it to space dust.  The Bajoran Interceptor manages to land 5 damage onto the Reman Warbird over two turns, leaving it in an exellent position for the Horizon to finish it off.
 Both fleets had now taken heavy damage, the Valdores and D'Deridex's had damaged the Kahless and the Essex and were now setting up for an attack run on the Madison:
 The next turn would prove telling for the Federation and its allies:
 The Essex managed to finish off both one of the Valdores and one of the D'Deridex's.  The Kahless destroyed the last Valdore and Tomalak's Warbird destroyed the plucky Bajoran Interceptor:
 Tomalak cloaked his ship and attempted to manouver into position to attack the Madison, unluckily for Tomalak the Horizon rolled an exceptional 3 hits and the D'Deridex could only roll 1 evade on 6 dice...
 The last shot of the game was fired by the Horizon, eliminating the last of the Romulan fleet:
A victory for the Federation and its allies, Betazed had been successfully defended!


The Romulan invasion has begun, Bolarus IX and Tellar have been invaded and Romulan ground troops have begun to dig in.

Thanks to the heroic actions of the Captain of the U.S.S. Horizon, Betazed has been successfully defended.

The most curious event however happened at the Trill homeworld, where the Romulan fleet entered the system and set up a defensive cordon around the planet.  The Trill symbiosis commission could not be reached via subspace communications and the system has been turned into an impregnable fortress.  Whatever the cause, it seems that the greatest mystery of all lies in wait on Trill...


This brings to an end the first "Season" of the Federation campaign and I think it went quite well.  The Federation player enjoyed and even though it was quite a long day (all seven missions were completed in one session) I think it was well worth the effort of creating the missions, the unique ships etc.  I had a very good time GM'ing as well, far more entertaining than I would have first thought - I've already begun writing the Klingon and Romulan campaigns to tie-in with this one.

So, until next time, I hope you enjoyed reading through this and the previous missions, I'll hopefully be getting the next series done in the next few weeks so I'll update as soon as they've been played!

Thanks for sticking with it!

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