Monday, 19 December 2016

The Corbomite Manouver - OP Report

Hello there!

Just a quick update today, unfortunately no photos for this one as I foolishly forgot to charge the camera!

On the actual scenario itself - whoever came up with this one clearly wasn't thinking straight.  Turn one of each game, every ship moves into range of the object and proceeds to throw everything they have at it, destroying it on the first turn.  This means that none of its effects take place, turning the event into a normal every day joust.  Disappointing effort.

Anyway, the fleet for the day was as follows:

Soong [38]
- Karr 8 (Captain) [5]
Ship Total: 43 SP

Regent's Flagship [32]
- Khan Singh 8 (Captain) [6]
- - I Stab at Thee [3]
- Elim Garak [3]
Ship Total: 44 SP

U.S.S. Voyager [30]
- Robert DeSoto 4 (Captain) [3]
- William T. Riker [3]
- Hikaru Sulu [3]
- Tom Paris [4]
Ship Total: 43 SP

Fleet Total: 130 SP

Round 1 vs Federation:

As stated above, all ships moved into the range of the object and destoyed it on turn one.  The rest of the match devolved into a bit of a duck hunt, my opponent's ships falling one after the other...  End result - 130-0, a win for the mixed fleet.

Round 2 vs Romulan:

The Scimitar with an Interphase Generator, the Valdore and the Prototype loaded up with cloaked mines.  Interesting game.  Started off well enough with the Valdore going up against the Soong one-on-one and realising that it was not a good move.  The Soong tore it apart without too much trouble.  The Regent's Flagship had a hammering from the Scimitar and the Prototype - the following turn mines were placed and I was hoping that the Scimitar would stick close to the Regent's Flagship so, with only one hull point, left I flew it straight onto the cloaked mines - unfortunately it was out of range so Khan did not avenge himself on this occasion.  The Scimitar and the Soong ended up at point blank range and exchanged fire, the prototype had engaged my defensive Voyager build (futility at its finest).

Shorly after, the Scimitar managed to outmanouver the Soong and destroyed it, the Prototype dumped its second Cloaked Mines and was then blown apart by Voyager.

Now we were down to two sets of Cloaked Mines and the Scimitar vs the Voyager.  Fire was exchanged, and the Voyager managed to deal three damage to the Scimitars' hull whilst losing a shield in return.  My opponent retreated from combat and hid amongst the mines - refusing to go one-to-one with Voyager.  A turn or two later I managed to get the Voyager lined up for a single pass on the Scimitar - only one damage dealt, none in return.  Unfortunately for me, too little too late - time was call and the game lost - 87-80; another few turns and I'm more than confident to say that the Scimitar would have died.

Round 3 - bye.

Romulan vs Federation:

Another mine heavy game for the Romulans, the Federation fleet did not fare too well here. 130-0 final score.

A strange OP, closer games than the scores show and overall quite a non-event made for a very weird day...

On the plus side, everyone ended up with the prize for the day, the Romulan Bird-of-Prey Rateg.

A review of that will be incoming soon!

Thanks for having a look and the next report will have a few photos!

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