Monday, 19 December 2016

The Borg Incursion

A friendly game played a few weeks ago - 400 points Borg vs 200 points Romulan and 200 points Federation...

This was a game conceived to fill in the void between OP events as a change of pace - two players on either side, co-operating to achieve a set of objectives.  For the Borg team, the aim was to get as many ships off the far side of the board as possible whilst the combined Romulan/Federation fleet had to destroy or prevent this from happening.

The allied fleet would gain victory points from each Borg ship destoyed, whilst the Borg would gain a point for each ship leaving the area.

A view of the fleets:

I would be controlling the Assimilated Vessel portion of the Borg fleet (as I've never used them before the standard Borg movement scheme would have fried my brain).

The view from across the game area, firstly the Borg perspective:
 The allied view:
The allied fleet had a lot of cards that were used to buff each other, such as Hayes, Donatra and Holo-Communicator.  This led to the allied fleet deploying in the formation above - this would be a bloody battle.  As you can see from the photo - I placed my three ships in a position to flank the opposing force whilst they contended with the cubes in the middle of the area, then hopefully be able to make a break for it when the time came.

First turn movement ended up with no-one in range:
 Second turn in and the slaughter begins:
The allied fleet poured hit after hit into the cubes, eliminating Locutus' Cube and reducing the second one to a single hull point.  The Queen's Diamond received a hammering but continued to stay in the fight.  In return the Cubes had inflicted heavy damage on the front line ships and eliminated the Scimitar.

The Assimilation Target Prime was left unscathed and managed to drop Mutli-Kinetic Mines on top of three of the allied fleet ships.
 The effect of multiple detonations was devastating.  The allied fleet was cored, the remaining Borg cube was destroyed, the ATP was heavily damaged... utterly terrifying.
 The following turn everyone backed away from the mines, the Voyager went after the Avatar of Tomed, the Valdore went after the Type-03...
 The Voyager was destoyed shortly after.  The Prometheus flew straight through the minefield, destorying both itself and the ATP.
 With only the Valdore left to oppose the Borg, it was only a matter of time...
 The Queen herself fired the last shot, ensuring that the remaining Borg would be free to continue their incursion:
An enjoyable game finished, the effectiveness of the mines was astonishing.  Dropping the template on the three ships setting it off three times was soul-destroying.  Until that point the allied fleet was making short work of the Borg and if not for that one card the game would have had a very different ending.  As it was, the Federation player killed the most Borg ships, taking the moral victory.

Until next time!

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