Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Great Beyond - Narrative Play Mission 3

The third in a seven part series, The Great Beyond sees the Horizon sent on a mission to recover a lost Federation starship from Cardassian space...

The Federation player may select another crew of up to 3 points and either a weapon or tech upgrade of up to 5 points (if they have a weapon they must select o tech and vice versa).

Harry Kim joins the crew of the Horizon.

Mission 3: The Great Beyond

The Argus Array has spotted the USS Essex, once believed lost, just over the border in Cardassian space.  The Horizon has been tasked with recovering or destroying the Essex.

As the game begins, all is clear.  The Horizon movse into transporter range of the Essex and beams over Garak to see if he can power up the ship.

A Cardassian Galor class ship enters the area, blocking off the escape vector:
 As the Cardassian ship moves into range, Garak manages to power up the Essex:

 The tables now turned, the Cardassian ship attempts to disable the Essex but the Horizon is flying interference:
 Finally, the Galor succumbs to a point blank attack from the Horizon:

The Essex has been recovered and Starfleet is exceptionally happy with the outcome.

Not only is the Essex now available to assist in a future mission, but the Horizon's Captain Skill is +1 and he has chosen the following ability:

"During the end phase you may place an auxiliary token next to your ship to obtain a free Target Lock.  If you already have an auxiliary token next to your ship you may not use this ability."

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