Saturday, 5 November 2016

Blood Feud - Narrative Play Mission 5

The fifth in a seven part series, Blood Feud sees the Horizon face off against a rogue Klingon.

Mission 5: Blood Feud

A contact in the Klingon High Council has informed Starfleet intelligence of a rogue element in the Empire that is trying to start a war with the Federation - Kurga of House Kell.  Kurga is entering Federation territory with the intent of attacking a Federation outpost.  Starfleet intelligence has tasked you with hunting down Kurga and his last location placed him in the Cauldron, a dangerous region of space which Kurga knows very well.

The Cauldron, each objectve token has hidden under it either a battlestations token, a critical token, a mission token or an auxiliary token.  One token is revealed at random each turn and any Federation ship within range 3 suffers the following effects:

Critical token = Federation ships within ranges 1-3 take one unavoidable damage. Remove the objective token.

Auxiliary token = Federation ships within ranges 1-3 receive an auxiliary token.  Remove the objective token.

Mission token = Federation ships within ranges 1-3 must disable a crewmember.  Remove the objective token.

Battlestations token = Federation ships within Ranges 1-3 may make an immediate move of speed 3 or less.  Then remove any auxiliary tokens from the ship.  Remove the objective token.

The setup is as below:
 As the ships closed, the IKS neH made a rather unfortunate error, luckily for Kurga his ships ability to take an auxiliary token to force the Federation player to re-roll his attack dice kept him safe for now:
 Shots were traded all along the game area, the Horizon not managing to finish off the neH:
 A few more turns of manouvering, the Horizon pulls out the right move at the right time:

 Down to 1 hull point remaining, the neH, still cloaked evades destruction:
 Until a few turns later, the 180 degree arc of the Horizon and perfect placement manages to get the final shot in:
With Kurga stopped, the Federation and Klingon Empire have finally revealed that there was a traitor feeding information to the Romulans all along, Kurga was the reason they knew about the meeting in the previous mission "Articles of War".

In addition to raising the Captain Skill by +1, the Federation commander chooses another ability:

"When attacking or defending, you may re-roll one blank result".

Next time, the gloves come off...

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