Saturday, 5 November 2016

Blackest Night - Narrative Play Mission 6

Mission 6: Blackest Night

No longer content to sit back and manipulate things from the shadows, the Romulans have begun an invasion of the Federation.  Not yet able to attack Earth, the Romulans have sent fleets to strike at the heart of the Federation - Bolarus IX, Betazed, Trill and Tellar have all been targeted.

The fleet heading for Betazed has been intercepted by a small Federation task force who are hoping to slow it down long enough for reinforcements to arrive...

4 Generic Federation starships attempt to slow down the Romulan fleet, any damage they can inflict here will be carried on to the second part of this mission.

The fleets face off against each other:
 3 D'Deridex Warbirds, 2 Valdore Warbirds and 1 Reman Warbird form the Romulan fleet:
 An Intrepid and Akira form one prong of the Federation task force:
 A Prometheus and Excelsior form the other:
 Two of the D'Deridex and one of the Valdores trade fire with the Prometheus and Excelsior:
 The remaining Warbirds engage the Intrepid and Akira:
 Wide shot:
 The next turn, the Prometheus managed to score a critical hit on a cloaked Valdore, causing a warp core breach.  In return, the Excelsior was destroyed by one of the D'Deridex:
 The Valdore then finished off the Prometheus:
 At the other end of the table, the Intrepid and Akira were faring a little better, then the two prongs of the Romulan fleet closed in:
 Amazingly, both ships managed to survive and pummelled the Romulans in return, eliminating shields on many of them:
 Shortly afterwards the Intrepid finally fell to fire from the Reman Warbird:
 Lastly, after a valiant effort, the Akira went down as well:
The first line of defence had fallen but had they done enough damage to the Romulan fleet?

Only time would tell...

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