Saturday, 5 November 2016

Articles of War - Narrative Play Mission 4

The fouth in a seven part series, Articles of War sees a representative from the Federation and Klingon Empire meet to discuss increasing incursions by the Romulans...

No more additions to the Horizon this time around but the Federation may take an Admiral to be its representative.  Shanthi was selected.

Mission 4: Articles of War

The Federation has sent an Admiral to discuss recent Romulan activity with the Klingon Chancellor, Gowron.  The Horizon is to make its way to a secret rendezvous and await the return of the Admiral from the meeting.

Upon entering the area, the Horizon beamed Admiral Shanthi down to the surface of the planet, where Gowron was already waiting.  In orbit of the planet was the IKS Kahless, under the comand of Kurn.

As soon as the Admiral beamed down, two Romulan Warbirds entered the system, with the intent of disrupting the discussions:
 At this point, the player took control of both the Horizon and the Kahless. Each of the Warbirds selected a target and headed to engage:
 The Warbird chasing the Kahless was taking potshots at it as it headed for the one going after the Horizon:
 The Warbird at the top of this picture had taken a hammering from both the Kahless and the Horizon, it was now down to one hull point (as soon as the Warbirds were at two hull points remaining, they were to retreat from the battle):
 The first Warbird had managed to get off the board, leaving its comrade to face both ships alone:
 Shortly after, the Kahless hammered the Warbird, leaving it on 2 hull points:
 The Horizon fired its Photon Torpedos at the Warbird, rolling exceptionally well:
This did enough damage to destroy the Warbird.  All in all, an excellent showing for the combined Federation and Klingon fleet.  Kurn and Gowron were so impressed that they promised to render assistance in the future should it be required.  The Horizon's Captain Skill raises by +1 and gains an Elite Talent of no more than 5 points.

Tensions are rising...

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