Saturday, 5 November 2016

Changing Tides - Narrative Play Mission 2

The second in a seven-part series, Changing Tides sees our Federation player racing to rescue a stranded Bajoran Freighter...

For this mission, the Federation player takes an extra crewmember with a cost of 3 or less.

Elim Garak joins the crew of the Horizon.

So, here we go:

Mission 2: Changing Tides

Outline: The Horizon has received a distress call from a stranded Bajoran transport.  It is to make its way through an asteroid field and assist the transport by beaming over a crewmember for two turns.  After rendering aid, the Horizon is to leave the board via its entry point.

Before beginning the scenario, I had the Federation player roll one attack die, this would determine the actual branch of scenario to be played (one of four possibilities so each time it's played there could be a different outcome).  A miss was rolled...

A quick shot of the transport:
 The Horizon moves into transporter range and beams Garak over to the transport.

Two turns later, Garak has repaired the damage to the engine and reported back to the Horizon, informing the captain of the open hostility he received whilst aboard the transport.  Putting it down to no more than Bajoran hatred of Cardassians, the Horizon turned to leave.
 During the return, the Horizon was contacted by a Bajoran Interceptor, who informed the Horizon that they were attempting to apprehend Kohn'ma sect members - the Horizon was asked to assist in the hunt, which they agreed to.
 Upon encountering the Kohn'ma Transport again, it immediately began to attack the Horizon and the Interceptor, and in an act of desperation, rammed an asteroid igniting a trilithium explosive on board! (the actual effect of this was a 3 dice attack against all ships in range 1 with no defence dice).  Luckily, both the Horizon and the Interceptor survived the explosion:
As a result of this, the Bajoran Interceptor agreed to assist the Horizon should they be needed and the Captain Skill of the Horizon was at +1 (now at 3).

Until next time!

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