Saturday, 5 November 2016

A New Dawn - Narrative Play Mission 1

As our OP events have ended for the time being, I've written a few solo missions for some of the usual suspects to run through with myself acting as a GM of sorts.  I'd have to desccribe it as an RPG-Lite version of Attack Wing, with each mission and the choices you make having an effect on both your ship and further missions.

One of my comrades-in-arms agreed to be the guinea pig for my Federation campaign, so last weekend we met up and played the full seven missions straight through.  The idea of this is to be a challenge for the player and enjoy playing the game, it's not all about winning but how you win/lose will also have an effect in the game - if you stay true to the spirit of your chosen faction, good things will happen, if you don't, then you'll end up in trouble!

One thing to mention, as the GM, until the last 2 missions I will not be using any actions such as target locks/battlestations etc.  This is intended to give the player as positive experience as possible.

To start with, I asked the Fed player to select a generic ship type with a cost of no greater than 20 points.  Upgrade slots would not be used as usual so this was to play no part in the selection of the ship.  In addition, for the first mission, one Federation crew upgrade of no more than 3 points and either a weapon or tech upgrade of no more than 5 points.

A Constellation class ship with Dorian Collins and Photon Torpedos was chosen.  The USS Horizon was good to go!

Mission 1: A New Dawn

Outline: A training mission, the objective is to approach a planet and perform a deep scan in preperation for first contact.  In order to complete the mission, the player must move to within range 2 of the planet, the perform 3 scan actions on consecutive turns, then leave the play area via the starting side.

Without further ado:

The Horizon approaches the planet and performs its first scan action - two anomalies are detected close to the planet:
 The next turn a second scan action pinpoints the location of the distortion, the other was an echo...
 The third scan action reveals a Romulan Warbird!  At this point the Federation player is given a choice - to attack, scan or hail the Warbird.
 The Federation player chooses to hail the Warbird, the hail is ignored and the Warbird powers its weapons and raises its shields - the race is on to escape the system! The Warbird moves to intercept the Horizon:
 A few shots are exchanged, with the Horizon losing its shields and the Warbird taking a hit in return:
 Its primary mission complete, the Horizon departs the system having discovered the Romulan interloper:
So, mission 1 complete, and an increase in Captain Skill for the Federation player - now at CS2!

Mission 2 writeup coming very soon!


  1. Great stuff, Id. Hopefully you're friend enjoyed playing this as much as I did reading it.

    As an aside I'm now the proud owner of a Doomsday Machine courtesy of "Shapeways", so a big thank you to you and your friend's YouTube channel. Hopefully I'll be posting about painting it on my blog soon. It is a little large though at 150mm in length ;-)

    1. Excellent stuff! Look forward to seeing it in action! Also, the remaining missions have been played out, I'm just writing them up now so they'll be posted shortly ;-)

  2. Nice scenario. Was there any range of responses that the Warbird could have made, or was it always a case of it attacking and seeing what the player's following action would be?

    1. In this scenario the Warbird was always going to attack, the main choice was for the player, whether to hail (no response etc as above), attack (auto fail the mission - Starfleet ships never attack unless provoked) or Scan (gain a free movement as you detect the weapons/shields powering up). The main mission to scan the planet is complete as the Warbird appears so as long as the player stick to the mission parameters and escape the Warbird they should get a nice win to warm them up for the next scenario.

    2. Thanks for the explanation.

      Just read all the games in this 'season' and they're cracking good stuff.

    3. Cheers Roy, hopefully I can get the Klingon and Romulan campaigns run through shortly so you can see how it plays out!