Saturday, 27 May 2017

Send word to the fleet...

A quick change of course today, shots of the assorted fleets - it's so rare to see them deployed at full force I thought I'd take a couple of photos to see how they look...

First up, the Federation fleet:

I'm not a massive Federation player, but arrayed like this they do look quite impressive:

Next up, the Romulans - still some of the most impressive ships in the Star Trek universe in my opinion:

My Alternate Universe fleet, led by the Regent's Flagship:

My small collection of Klingon ships, highly effective:

A mix of ships from various factions:

Finally, my personal favourites, the Dominion:

Next up some of my favourite ships from the mix above, firstly the Ferengi D'Kora:

The U.S.S. Thunderchild:

Lastly, the Koranak:

There we go... I know a lot of people will have see the majority of these ships whilst playing against people in various events, but how often do you see them all at once?

Anyway, thanks for having a look - let me know which ships your favourites are!


  1. Nice Fleets, do you prefer the new silver style fed or the old blue-ish ones?

    1. I think I prefer the silver to be honest, it just seems to show off the sculpts a bit better. The Thunderchild would look awful in the old blue, as an example.