Saturday, 13 May 2017

Outpost Raid!

A quick report of a 3 player friendly game that was played after our last OP event, the aim of which was to raid a space station to recover as many mission tokens as possible before time ran out!

To acquire a token your ships needed to be within range 1 of the station at the end of the activation phase...  In other words, up close and personal.

So the setup rules were quite simple - two ships of the same faction, one 20 points and one of 60 points, so a capital ship and one support vessel.

Obviously, I had to use my Dominion ships, so the list I chose was as follows:

2nd Division Cruiser [34]
- Weyoun 7 (Captain) [5]
- - Remata'Klan [3]
- - Amat'Igan [2]
- Gul Madred (Admiral) [5]
- Shroud [1]
- Phased Polaron Beam [5]
- Ikat'Ika [5]
Ship Total: 60 SP

Dominion Starship (Jem'Hadar Attack Ship) [20]
Ship Total: 20 SP

Fleet Total: 80 SP

I'd never used the named cruiser before as I'd never used the attack ship, so first time for both!  Te cruise setup is essentially the one I use for OP events, with the additions of the phased polaron beam and Ikat'Ika...

Anyway, here are the pictures and a quick run through of the game, Dominion, Federation and Romulan... who would stand and who would fall?

 The map setup, with the station in the centre and asteroids surrounding it:
 My Dominion ships deployed in their corner:
 A wide shot of the remaining forces and their deployments:
 First turn, everyone rushes for the centre and I take my time, hoping they can hurt each other before I get there:
 This did give me a disadvantage on the mission token front, but at least I managed to get a decent shot in:
Both of my ships had been hit hard, and the Prometheus having a 360 degree attack did not help matters!

This turn and the following were quite brutal, I rammed the station with the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship (in true cinematic fashion) and proceeded to destroy my own ship and damage the station, my Battlecruiser was finished off by the combined fire of the Romulan attack fighters and the Prometheus... not before Madred managed to remove Benjamin Maxwell from the Prometheus though, how many lights do you see Captain?
The Delta Flyer had also been destroyed which left the Prometheus up against the Scimitar and the Attack Fighters:
 The Prometheus ended up slamming itself into an asteroid on its move:
 A move later and the Prometheus gets an shot off at the Scimitar, not enough to destroy it though:
 Another move and the Prometheus was now at point blank range with the Scimitar:
 One exceptional dice roll later and the Scimitar was no more:
Time was called and the Romulans came away with the narrowest of victories, one mission token seperated them and the Federation fleet, although had the game gone on another few turns I have a feeling that the Prometheus may well have prevailed against the now damaged attack fighters...

My Dominion fleet was outmanouvered and outgunned by both of the opposing fleets in this one, although the cinematic ramming of the station was quite entertaining.  I was so tempted to destroy the station... maybe next time...

Hope you enjoyed this brief report, thanks for having a look!

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