Friday, 26 May 2017

Sela's Warbird Review

"All that's left now is Romulan. Never doubt that."

The Klingon Civil War grand prize, Sela's Warbird is a prize that's already drawn an errata from Wizkids, greatly reducing the effectiveness of the incuded elite talent - some people will say that it was needed, others that it was just another part of the game that needed to be worked around, like fighters or Romulan cloaked mines.  Anyway, we'll get to that shortly...

So, the ship itself - very nice paintjob on this one, the subtle difference in the shades really make it stand out:
 Admiral Sela, +1 captain skill and an effect that prevents the use of battlestations and scan tokens when her ship (or the ship using the action) is attacked.  This is an excellent ability, as it negates the one thing you can use to get quality attack dice against Romulan ships - battlestations.

She doesn't have an elite talent slot however, so I'm thinking that the captain version of her would be better, with mybe Mendak acting as Admiral.
 The captain version of the card, complete with an elite talent slot and skill 7:
 Movar is the other captain and he allows you to change any slot on your ship for one of another type.  Not add, just amend.  He'll have a use somewhere, just not sure where yet...
 Sela's Warbird itself is a very nice ship, its ability allows you to perform a double sensor echo at the cost of flipping over your cloak token.  This gives you an excellent trick up your sleeve to get out of any tricky situation.  Combine it with someone like Thei who gives you a free cloak action and you could land up in a completely different area of the board after two turns.

 The first elite talent, Klingon-Romulan alliance allows you to re-roll defence dice as a discard.  There are better uses for 4 points.
 Here we go, Reverse Course.  As written, you can ignore whatever manouver is on your dial and perform a 1 or 2 reverse manouver.  That's it.  No discard, no auxiliary token, nothing.  Put this on a ship with B'etor from the Toral and any ship in your fleet can do this.  It was awesome.  It was so effective at the UK Nationals that Wizkids have already amended it, it's now a discard... so a worse version of Full Reverse, even paying for the cross faction penalty.  Ah well...
 Tachyon Pulse - disable for extra defence dice, 4 points though...
 Tokath is a nice 2 point discard that enables 2 other upgrades.  Always useful if you have the spare points.
 Lastly, the generic D'Deridex, this time with one weapon, two tech and one crew...
 A final parting shiot of the Warbird:
 So, until next time, thanks for having a look!

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