Thursday, 11 May 2017

Klingon Civil War OP2

The Battle of Mempa - send in the reinforcements!

One ship to start, with the possibility of bringing in additional ships each turn depending if you are in control of one of the four sectors on the map...

So, without further ado, the list:

Dominion Starship (Jem'Hadar Battleship) [34]
- Khan Singh 8 (Captain) [6]
- - Attack Pattern Shinzon Theta [5]
- Additional Phaser Arrays [5]
Ship Total: 50 SP

Regent's Flagship [32]
- Karr 8 (Captain) [6]
- - Lure [6]
- - Full Reverse [3]
- Elim Garak [3]
Ship Total: 50 SP

Klingon Starship (Vor'cha Class) [26] -2 for Klingon [24]
- Kurn 5 (Captain) [3]
- Gowron (Admiral) [3]
Ship Total: 30 SP

Fleet Total: 130 SP

I'll say it now - this is a very experimental list, wanted to try out a few things I'd not considered before and took a bit of a risk with the Battleship (I know it turns like a beached whale...).

As there were only three players in attendance, I had a bye in the first round - before we started, we noticed a striking similarity between Mempa and Hoth... 

First game up, Klingon vs a Klingon/Fed force, I'll leave this one as a more pictoral review as I didn't make any notes as I was going!
Lots of fast ships and odd little gimmicks meant the fleets were in range very quickly:
As with all the games today this was amazingly close, with very few ships actually being destroyed by the end of the battle.
The Klingon pure force eventually lost one Vor'cha and the Neghvar, with the mixed fleet losing only the K't'inga.
This was the roll that finished off the Neghvar, essentially the last roll of the game:
So a 107-28 victory for the mixed fleet...

Onto my first match of the day, vs the pure fleet...

Initial setup with reinforcements:
I started off by trying to lure one of the Vor'chas out of position and into perfect position for my Jem'hadar battleship to hammer it, unfortunately it just used one of its upgrades to nip off the board and well out of range!
All ships now brought onto the board we ended up in the following positions:
I now had the full force of the Klingon forces bearing down on the Regent's flagship, luckily I managed to reverse course, denying my opponent the chance to fire at all in this round.
In return my battleship and my Vor'cha managed to destroy an opposing Vor'cha and damage the Neghvar:
All ships then closed to point blank range and proceeded to hammer each other:
The next turn saw both the Regent's flagship and my opponents remaining Vor'cha eliminated:
Shortly afterwards, the game devolved into a cat and mouse chase:
My battleship was now hopelessly out of position, it was down to the Vor'cha and the Neghvar:
The Neghvar managed to get an unanswerable range one shot on the Vor'cha but for once a good defensive roll kept me in the game:
Time was called and the game ended in a very hard fought win, 92-60.
Oh for one more turn...
On to the last game of the day vs the mixed fleet:
The same tactic as before failed spectacularly again, causing my battleship to take an unanswered shot:
Again the Regent's flagship was toe-to-toe with a Neghvar...
Both ships survived the first salvos, all reinforcements were brought onto the table and the fighting intensified:
A second time today, the full reverse ability put the Regent's flagship in prime position, this proved to be an exceptional round of firing from both sides.

Not only was the Neghvar destroyed by the Regent's flagship, the K't'inga was damaged as well. In return, the Regent's flagship was destroyed and finally the Prometheus fell.
The very next turn saw the destruction of the battleship, leaving the following ships to fight it out:
So begins the run around! Being chased by the Voyager and the K't'inga, I was in a precarious position:
A very well placed sensor echo on the next turn could have gone either way, the Voyager fired first and had an excellent roll, luckily for me my defence dice thought I deserved a break:
I had survived the assault, in return I sent the K't'inga to oblivion:
With only Voyager and the Vor'cha left, the last action of the game was an ineffectual attack by the Voyager:
So, the last game was a loss, 125-101.  An excellently fought game, and overall on the day my surprising ship of the day was the Vor'cha:

It fought well, survived both games and eliminated more than its fair share of points on the day.

So until next time, thanks for taking a look and hope you enjoyed this little write up!

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