Friday, 26 May 2017

Klingon Civil War OP3

Romulans everywhere...

OP3, the final OP in the Klingon Civil War series sees the Romulans trying to sneak past the blockade sent to stop them...

I have to admit, I mis-read the rules for the event and it cost me... due to unforseen circumstances, only two participants were able to attend so this was a very quick OP and we were both guaranteed to walk away with the prize ship and the grand prize - so a plus before we started!

Anyway, onto the quick write-up...

My force for the day consisted of:

Reman Starship (Reman Warbird) [36]
- Toreth 7 (Captain) [4]
- THEI [1]
Ship Total: 41 SP

U.S.S. Voyager [30]
- Jean-Luc Picard 8 (Captain) [5]
- - William T. Riker [3]
- Cloaked Mines [4]
- Hikaru Sulu [3]
- Amat'Igan [4]
Ship Total: 49 SP

Federation Starship (Intrepid Class) [28]
- Chakotay 6 (Captain) [5]
- - Pavel Chekov [3]
- Matt Decker (Admiral) [1]
- Cloaked Mines [4]
- Dorsal Phaser Array [5]
Ship Total: 46 SP

Fleet Total: 136 SP

The idea here was, depending on the oposing force, to either use Chakotay to get close enough on turn one to start attacking or to drop off the mines at the start of turn two and then cause a bit of chaos.

So, onto round one, firstly basic setup:

 A close-up shot of the opposing fleet:
 The start of round two, I deploy my cloaked mines (Klingon variety):
 After movement, my Reman Warbird and Chakotay's Intrepid destroy the Romulan Science Vessel:
 The next few rounds saw the Romulan fleet point farming by hopping about doing the weird sensor echo manouver...
 It was one of those games that seemed to go on with nothing really happening, the odd shot landed but not doing enough damage to kill anything, on either side...
 Even with Voyager at point blank range, nothing was getting through on either side - Voyager with 7 defence dice and auto conversions of battlestations is an exceptionally defensive ship, unfortunately it can't hit anything...  In hindsight I should have found the extra point to put Picard 9 on Voyager instead of Picard 8.  The extra defence die was handy, but the auto-critical result did very little.
 A bit of hull here, a bit of hull there...
 Eventually time was called and I managed to lose purely based on the OP rules, 27-80.

So, just for fun, we carried on the game just to see what would happen!
 Voyager and the Intrepid circled in, while my Warbird went toe-to-toe with the Valdore:
 I was now starting to use Admiral Decker to start dishing out hull damage to the opposing fleet:
 My Warbird eventually fell to fire from the Valdore:
 The Haakona was eliminated by Decker, the single point of hull damage each turn was starting to take its toll:
 The Voyager finished off the Valdore:
 At point blank range the Scimitar fails to damage the Intrepid:
 At this point we called the game over, Chakotay and the Voyager would have just run circles around the Scimitar taking a hull point per turn off with Decker until it went down.

So, all in all, an interesting game, ultimately won by my opponent before we'd even placed our ships on the table - a really well thought out strategy that I couldn't have done much against in the time we had.

Next up, reviews for the IKS Toral & Sela's Warbird!

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