Sunday, 18 June 2017

Space is not a safe place...

A rarity - an X-Wing battle report!

Small local tournament, nothing major and with my usual no hope of actually winning anything (because it's X-Wing, not Attack Wing) I went along... to have "Fun".  I know... strange...

So, without further ado, the list I chose to run on the day:

Norra Wexley (41) :
ARC-170 (29), R2-D2 (4), Push the Limit (3), Kyle Katarn (3), Alliance Overhaul (0), Vectored Thrusters (2)

Ten Numb (41) :
B-Wing (31), “Mangler” Cannon (4), Seismic Torpedo (2), Veteran Instincts (1), B-Wing/E2 (1), Jan Ors (2)

Green Squadron Pilot (18) :
A-Wing (19), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Chardaan Refit (-2), Crack Shot (1), Adaptability (0)

The idea is for Norra to get stressed each turn, then using Kyle's ability in conjunction with Jan to get an Evade, Focus and possible Target Lock each turn.

Ten was there to deal with any unshielded Imperial/Scum fighters (auto-crits with the Mangler Cannon) so was hoping to see Fenn Rau on the board tonight...

The A-Wing is there just to run around getting in everybody's way, hopefully blocking a bit to cause the opponent to lose some actions!

So, onto the first game of the day, versus Imperials, a Defender, Pure Sabacc and Quickdraw:

 After a few turns of flying around aimlessly, the A-Wing took a hit from the Defender and decided to run away, heading for Pure Sabacc.  Norra eventually ended up surrounded in the middle of the Asteroids:
  The turn after the one above ended up looking like this:
  Norra and the A-Wing fell to concentrated fire from Quickdraw and the Defender, Ten managed to take the Defender down to 2 hull points left.  Unfortunately this left me in a bit of a bad situation, so I decided to get a bit of distance and try to make a run for it...
 The last round of the game ended up looking like this:
 Ten couldn't quite finish off the Defender and in return fire just fell apart...

So game one - a loss 100-0.

Onto the next game vs Scum, Dengar and two Y-Wings with TLT's...

 Not an awful start to the game, I kept the majority of my ships well away from the Y's to start with - those TLT's worried me so I was playing it carefully.
 After the squadrons closed, Ten and Norra managed to give the Y's a bit of a hammering but not enough to finish either one, the A-Wing also did its fair share of damage to one of the Y's but again, not enough.

 Dengar and TLT's finished off Ten which left the field of play looking a little like this:
The A-Wing managed to block Dengar and survive two full attacks from the combined TLT's but couldn't last another round:
 All that was left now was for Dengar to hunt down Norra to finish the game, and what a roll:
  So, another loss, 100-0...  I did last longer than expected though and by this point I was quietly thinking that Ten was a mistake...

Last game of the day, versus Imperials again, this time two Defenders with Ion Cannons and the title, and a shuttle with a tractor beam...
  Didn't take as many photos of this one but it played out in much the same way as the others, Ten fell to combined firepower from the Defenders but first having used the Seismic Torpedos to knock a shield off the Shuttle and one of the Defenders.

Norra ended up in an awful position, thrown on top of a rock and then essentially held there for three turns, being ripped apart by everything and multiple hits from the Asteroid...

The A-Wing managed to get no hits on its last attack before being mauled by the Defenders:
 So, a final loss, 100-0!

Nicely upheld my completely beaten record in X-Wing, I think I'm now 2-9 overall.

I still really enjoyed the day, everyone was in good spirits and a friendly atmosphere...

This is the position Norra ended up in, sums the day up but hey-ho!:
  Finally here are a couple of shots form the other last two games being played at the same time, firstly a win for the Rebels over the Imperials (for third place):
  The top two, Rebels and the Scum - eventually it came down to the last attack of the game, Norra vs Dengar... Norra rolled blanks, Dengar didn't... a win for the Scum!
 So, another good day, another set of entertaining games and more lessons learnt - no more B-Wings for me!

The ARC-170's though... I may have to get me another on of those... very impressed...

Anyway, thanks for having a look and hope you enjoyed my quick little write-up!

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