Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Show me what you got... Imperial Edition!

Same time as before, this time for the Imperials!

Firstly a shot of the full fleet:
 Another angle:
 The basic TIE-Fighter:
 Alternate view:
 Heroes of the Empire:
 Vader's TIE-Advanced:
 The Inquisitor's TIE-Advanced Prototype:
 Head on view:
 The TIE-Phantom, from Rebel Assault II:
 Easily my favourite TIE variant:
 From Rogue One, the TIE-Striker:
 Wings straight:
 Wings raised:
 Wings lowered:
 From the Force Awakens, the TIE/FO:
 Alternate view:
 The two together:
 The standard retail TIE-Bomber:
 The Imperial Veterans repaint of the TIE-Bomber (I really like this repaint):
 The two together:
 Head on view:
 The TIE-Interceptor from the 181st - this is the Imperial Aces repaint:
 Head-on view:
 The Imperial Guard TIE-Interceptor from Imperial Aces:
 Head-on view:
 The two side-by-side:
 The standard retail expansion TIE-Defender:
 Head-on view:
 The repaint of the TIE-Defender from Imperial Veterans:
 Finally the two Defenders together:
Next up, Scum & Villainy!

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