Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Show me what you got... Rebel Edition!

Hello there!

This is just a quick showcase of some X-Wing miniatures, first up - the Rebels!

A quick shot of the full fleet:

 The standard A-Wing from the retail expansion:
 Another view:
 The A-Wing repaint from the Rebel Aces set:
 The two side-by-side:
 The standard B-Wing from the retail expansion:
 The Rebel Aces repaint:
 The eponymous X-Wing itself:
 Alternate view:
 The squadron:
 The Y-Wings, the workhorse of the Rebel fleet:
 Gold Squadron, led by "Dutch":
 The E-Wing:
 Looks a bit like a Battlestar Galactica Viper:
 The old Z-95 Headhunter:
 The new T-70 X-Wing from the Force Awakens:
 Alternate view:
 Straight out of the clone wars, the spectacular Arc-170:
 The paint-job on this miniature is excellent:
 Easily the best of the prequel ships, re-used by the Rebels in limited numbers:
 Good from every angle:
 The Rebel U-Wing, from Rogue One:
 Wings open:
 Another view:
 Closed from the front:
 Dash Rendar's Outrider, a Corellian YT-2400:
 Probably my favourite EU or Legends starship:
 The Falcon:
 This is the first release, not the Force Awakens repaint:
 Finally the Moldy Crow, Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors ship:
 Really nice looking ship, bit limited within the game though:
Thanks for having a look, next up Imperials!

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