Saturday, 9 July 2016

X-Wing Selection 1

Not having played X-Wing outside of a test game, selecting a list to play at my first tournament was tricky.

Firstly, the choice of which faction to be used had to be made.  From my limited understanding, the factions play very differently from one another:

Imperial - high risk, win big or lose big.  Each roll of the dice has the ability to make or break any plan you have in place.

Rebel - Less flashy than the Empire, a lot less variance, seems to be a safer option.

Scum - A very mixed bag, some very powerful combinations and you never know what will be coming at you.

At the time of the tournament I had a very limited amount of Scum ships, so I ruled them out immediately.  I'd played a few test games with the Empire against a few different lists of Rebels and, due to my inexperience, had great difficulty arc dodging to get into a good firing position in order to be effective.

So, I settled for Rebels.  After browsing through a few forums it seemed to be that the Rebels are a little under-represented at tournaments due to other factions having some exceptionally powerful combinations but that didn't put me off.  After all, you've got to play to learn and losing games teaches you the most!

My selection process went a little like this: pick something that can hit hard, then a few things to cause my opponents a headache.

With this in mind, and looking at the ships available I settled on the following list:

Dash Rendar (YT-2400)
- Veteran Instincts
- Heavy Laser Cannon
- Outrider Title
- Engine Upgrade

Prototype Pilot (A-Wing)
- Chaardan Refit

Prototype Pilot (A-Wing)
- Chaardan Refit

Green Squadron Pilot (A-Wing)
- Chaardan Refit
- Adaptability

100 Points.

The list above seemed to perform reasonably well in play testing but against another gamer? Only time would tell.

Next up, the tournament report...

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