Sunday, 10 July 2016

Star Trek Report 1

Here is a quick run through of my first casual gaming session...

First my list again:

Regent's Flagship [32]
- Kira Nerys 4 (Captain) [2]
- - I Will Deal With Them Myself [5]
- Elim Garak [3]
- Brunt [1]
Ship Total: 43 SP

I.S.S. Defiant [24]
- Miles O'Brien 5 (Captain) [3]
- - Rebellion [5]
- Aft Phaser Emitter [1]
- Jadzia Dax [2]
- Julian Bashir [2]
Ship Total: 37 SP

Mirror Universe Starship (Negh'var Class) [30]
- Benjamin Sisko 4 (Captain) [2]
- Tractor Beam [3]
- Aft Phaser Emitter [1]
- Bareil Antos [2]
- Rom [2]
Ship Total: 40 SP

Fleet Total: 120 SP

Only three people were in attendance so we each played two games and had a break whilst the others played.  I waited out the first game and observed two Romulan fleets in action.  Then it was my turn...

Game 1 vs Romulans

This was a bit of a slaughter.  My opponent was using the Valdore, GalGath'Thong, Haakona and another ship (cannot remember which one) and made very good use of the Romulan cloaked mines.  Sisko's Negh'Var went down in the second turn of firing to a concentrated attack from the Valdore and Haakona, the Regent's Flagship fell a couple of turns later after taking a warp core breach basically on top of the mines.

The Defiant was the one saving grace of this game, and even though I didn't quite manage to kill anything did survive two full turns of firing from all of my opponent's ships.  Eventually I ran out of space and time, the Defiant was destroyed in the turn before I would have ended up flying off the edge.


Game 2 vs Romulans

Opponent's fleet consisted of the Vrax and two D'Deridex warbirds.

This game was played against another first timer who had suffered a complete disaster in his first game and like me had been wiped out.

This game went a bit better for me - the Defiant using Bashir's effect caused the Vrax to miss a turn of firing and one of the D'Deridex warbirds fell early on to concentrated fire from the two Negh'Vars.  A lot of fire was exchanged between the remaining Romulans and the Negh'Vars, and soon enough another Romulan was dead in space.  The Negh'Vars were proving to be for more durable in this game, not entirely sure why but I think not being bombarded with mines probably helped.

The Vrax was eventually killed off by a close range shot from Sisko's Negh'Var.  A far closer game than the end results showed - this was all about concentrated firepower and the Defiant shrugging off hits.


So, 1 Win and 1 Loss on the day.  Not bad.

Lessons learned: Cloaked Mines are Evil.  Other than that my second game proved that my basic premise for my fleet was sound but not having encountered the mines before I was completely unprepared for them.  My first opponent was very good at placing his ships exactly where mine needed to go and the mines just killed me.

Ah well, live and learn!

Next up, Star Trek Attack Wing: Wrath of Khan OP selection...

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