Sunday, 10 July 2016

Star Trek Selection 1

Hi all, here is the selection portion of my first Attack Wing game!

Firstly, due to me coming late to the party as it were, faction selection was proving to be a little limited, basically the only choices I had to me were whatever was available at my local gaming store and a few online retailers.

As a consequence, I immediately ruled out Federation, Klingon, Romulan and Borg- the ships simply were not available.

I will add at this point that I try to play faction pure wherever possible, only where there are major gaps would I consider using cross-faction cards.  I don't mind others mixing factions, however someone wants to play the game is entirely up to them, I just try to play it the way that sits right with me.

So, the choices open to me initially were:

Kazon - I do quite like the look of the ships, but I can't see me being competitive with them.

Bajoran - The quaility of the crew far exceeds the quality of the ships, for this reason I'll avoid them for now.

Species 8472 - I like the bioships a lot, but with only two ships available, I chose to skip them.

This left me with two choices, Mirror Universe & Dominion.  Both factions that I really like.

A roll of the dice later - Mirror Universe it was.  A few purchases later and a 120 point list came into being:

Ship 1: Regent's Flagship (43 points)

The alternate universe version of the Negh'Var is a really good ship with an excellent named ability, allowing it to attack two different ships at range one regardless of the arc. Tie this in with the Intendent and a few upgrades as below to get up to 43 points:

In retrospect, better choices could have been made but its all learning!

Ship 2: I.S.S. Defiant (37 points)

A very tough little ship, with a named ability that negates damage, coupled with a captain that can repair damage and some upgrades that reduce the attack values of ships attacking it will hopefully make sure it sticks around:

Rebellion as an elite talent is very cool, essentially gives you a free attack against someone who has just fired at you (also causing them to roll less dice).

Ship 3: Mirror Universe Starship (Negh'Var) (40 points)

Evil Sisko for the win.  I love his ability, sacrifice up to two upgrades and gain an attack die for each one discarded.  Has some really good uses although again in hindsight I could have set the ship up a bit better (photo incoming - will update when available):

Mirror Universe Starship (Negh'var Class) [30]
- Benjamin Sisko 4 (Captain) [2]
- Tractor Beam [3]
- Aft Phaser Emitter [1]
- Bareil Antos [2]
- Rom [2]
Ship Total: 40 SP

Again, if I'd played a few more games in advance I could have refined the ships a bit, but as it was I was good to go.

Here is one final shot of the fleet ready to take on the invaders from the other side of the looking glass:

Hope you enjoyed the post, the next one will be a short summary of the two games played - cheers!

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