Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Wrath of Kahn OP Prize

Hi all,

Just a quick look at the Wrath of Khan OP prize cards.

This includes an alternate version of a classic ship and characters from the earlier U.S.S. Reliant expansion.

Starting off with the Reliant herself:
This time, the Reliant comes to us an an independent faction starship, giving you the ability to re-roll an attack die at the cost of an active shield.  You can do this to all of your attack dice but at range one this will disable all of your shields.  I can see it being useful in certain circumstances, especially if you are not in an opposing ships arc.

As you can see in the photo above, you also get a generic Federation Miranda class starship in the pack.

Moving on to the elite talents:
Ceti Eel is a nasty little card, causing your opponent to choose one of three equally unfortunate effects.  It's quite expensive for a discard but played at the right time I can see it being useful.

Fire! gives you 2 extra attack dice and allows you to re-roll them at the cost of a discard and a auxiliary power token.  Again it's quite a hefty price to pay, but played at the right time could be game changing.

Crew and weapon:
Joachim at 5 points and a discard I think is too expensive for what it does. The +3 captain skill is nice but can be achieved in other ways.  Not convinced, although it may synergise with another card combo that I'm not yet aware of.

All power to phasers is another 5 point discard which gives you +2 attack dice for one turn.  Disabling all remaining shields.  Hmm.  In era specific games, adding the effects of these cards together could get you a one off 7 dice attack at range 1.  Enough to kill most TOS era ships, and to hurt most TNG era ones, however the cost would be very high and not entirely justified.

Last but not least, we come to the focal point of the pack:
Khan makes everything in this pack better.  You can equip the Ceti Eels or Fire! and both of the other upgrades for 4 points each.  A 4 point saving on that group of cards makes them all the more playable.  U.S.S. Reliant, Khan, Fire!, Joachim & All power to phasers will set you back 36 points instead of 40.  Much better.  Still not brilliant, but for era-specific games probably a lot of fun.

Overall I really like the theme of this pack, it's all about Khan making things work for him.  I love the Reliant, it has always been my favourite Star Trek ship and I'm happy to say that this is an excellent rendition of her.

Hope you enjoyed the run through! Until next time, thanks for having a look!

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