Monday, 11 July 2016


So my first Organised Play event was going to be the Wrath of Khan.

Two thirds of the map would become the Mutara Nebula, no shields, no target locks, range one attacks only and some strange sensor echo business going on.

I was informed that in keeping with Wizkids new OP rules, this would be a 130 point event.

This meant either amending my existing Mirror Universe list, or running something completely different.

I'd been purchasing a few Dominion ships and hadn't yet even looked at building a list with them, so I set about amending my Mirror Universe fleet and also creating a Dominion fleet.  Then I'd give them a test run against each other to decide which fleet to use.

Mirror Fleet:
The one apparent weakness that my MU fleet had was relatively low captain skill - even though I'm a bit of a faction purest, even I couldn't give myself that much of a handicap in a proper tournament event, so I did cave in and use Picard on the Regent's Flagship.

The relatively high hull value of the MU Negh'Var ships would seem to fit this OP event as shields would be next to useless for the majority of the game.

I upgraded the I.S.S. Defiant to a MU Negh'Var, even with the attack reducing effects the Defiant unshielded would prove too much of a soft target.

So the fleet looked a bit like this:

Ship 1: Regent's Flagship (45 points)
Picard brings a high captain skill, an extra action and an elite talent.  Garak increases his skill further, almost guaranteeing that he'll fire first.  Make it so! is there to add even more possibilities with actions.

Ship 2: MU Starship (Negh'Var) (43 Points)
Almost the same setup as the I.S.S. Defiant build, replacing the Rebellion talent with Detonation Codes - this was purely to negate those Romulan Cloaked Mines that slaughtered me in my last encounter.

Ship 3: MU Starship (Negh'Var) (42 points)
Now that I had understood the game a bit better, this build for my third Negh'Var seemed to have more synergy with itself - Jennifer Sisko was there to cause a bit of mayhem at the start, then just become dice fodder for "I will deal with them myself" and the following turn for Sisko.  Brunt was there to use up a point and could be used himself for extra dice with the aforementioned cards.

Hopefully, that fleet could dish out a fair amount of damage whilst staying alive long enough to kill anything thrown at it.

Dominion Fleet:
This is the great experiment, I knew that the Battleship moves like a brick, but the Attack Fighters and the Cruiser were mobile enough to counteract it.

Ship 1: 4th Division Battleship (48 points)
The Battleship's ablity would be the cornerstone of my list.  I'll explain it shortly.  Dukat was there for the high captain skill alone, the action would rarely if ever be used.  Amat'Igan I would not normally use on the Battleship, but an extra defence die in the nebula would possibly prove to be the difference beween a win and a loss.

Ship 2: 1st Wave Attack Fighters (35 Points)
I went for the named version in order to get the extra hit point, along with the support ship should keep them alive for a long time.  Escort is there to provide extra defence when needed.  Flanking attack is there to provide a one off boost to an alpha strike from my last ship.

Ship 3: Dominion Starship (Jem'Hadar Battlecruiser) (47 points)
Right, here we go.  The lynchpin of the entire fleet.  The generic version of the Battlecruiser (no need for the extra shield or its ability).  The plan is to use its own action to use Corak to boost Weyoun to captain skill 10.  This will almost ensure it fires first.  Keep it within range two of the Battleship to gain the extra action - Battlestations.  Then add to it the Flanking Attack from the 1st Wave Attack Fighters with the possibility of using Remata'Klan's ability to add two more to the captain skill and two attack dice.  This should give me one attack at captain skill 12, with 13 attack dice.  If I could catch just one ship in each game with this, It has the potential to be utterly devastating.  Weyoun's ablity to make two Dominion upgrades cheaper is what makes this build possible.

The test game proved which build was more effective.  Decisively.

All hail the Dominion.

Next up, the Wrath of Kahn OP report...

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