Tuesday, 18 October 2016

IRW Terix Review

The Terix, a Romulan Warbird from another time - a false reality... This ship is fabulous.

First up, the ship cards:
The Terix has exactly the same stats as the real universe Warbirds but the ship ability to get a free scan action if you perform a green manouver is not something the Warbirds can normally do.  Very nice.

Now, unusually for me, the Captains:
If there is a scan token next to your ship, Tomalak can re-roll blank results.  Excellent.  So on the Terix, that is essentially a free scan and target lock action.  If only there were a way to get a battlestations token on it as well...
What's that? There is? Excellent.  Deception is a 5 point discard which can be used to give you a battlestations token and, in addition, if you are cloaked it also gives you an evade token even if you already have one!  So just to re-iterate, turn one, you cloak. Each turn thereafter, move forward any green manouver, gain a free scan token. Use the Evade action. Then, when you need to, use Deception to give you a battlestations token and another evade.  So you'll have 2 evade tokens, 6 defence dice, a scan token to drop the defender's defence by one, a battlestations token and re-rolls of blank dice from Tomalak.  That is fantastic.

Taibak is your standard fare steal-a-crew card, which could be useful but after the revelation that is the rest of this pack a bit "oh there we are then"...

The only thing really holding the Terix back now is the attack value.  I mean, its all well and good having the quality of dice, but without the quantity what's the point?  3 dice just isn't enough...
Yet again, this pack just keeps on giving!  Additional Phaser Array, 2 points and adds +1 to your primary weapon value.  Perfectly costed upgrade and just fits so well with the other cards in this pack.  Can only be used on a D'Deridex class ship so you can use it for your Romulan ships, it'll just cost an additional point (so worth it).  Long Range Scanners allows your D'Deridex class ships to perform a scan action and retain the token by discarding the upgrade. Not as fussed on this to be honest.

So, to sum up - this ship is fantastic.  So much synergy here and - Tomalak!

Until next time, thanks for having a look!

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  1. I'm delighted you like this vessel Id, its certainly my fave Romulan/Mirror Universe one, and as you say its nice to see Tomalak too; albeit not quite the real one. Thoroughly enjoyed the review :-)