Tuesday, 18 October 2016

IKS Korinar Review

A little later than planned, a quick review of the IKS Korinar, the OP prize from the second of the Q Continuum series.

Firstly, a quick look at the ship cards:
The Korinar itself has a really nice ability, giving you an extra attack die at range one over the usual as long as you are cloaked - so if you can get into a flanking position, the Korinar can realy dish out the damage.  As always, a generic B'rel is included.  Excellent movement profile coupled with the cloak/sensor echo means you can pull some really good manouvers with this ship.

The first set of upgrades:
Cloaked mines, always nice to have.  The Klingon version isn't quite as good as the Romulan variety due to the placement restrictions, still they are a nightmare when used correctly.

The Klingon Stealth Team has some very interesting uses and can play havoc with upgrade heavy builds.  A 5 point discard that I think is actually worth it!

The next set of upgrades:
The first upgrade "Ambush Attack" I would never use on any Klingon ship, the only real benefit is the automatic battlestations conversion, but for 5 points I'd rather use something like General Orders or Admiral Gowron, both of which are more effective and have action economy.  Mauk-To'Vor is a weird one, if you've got a crew member like Worf or Riker who can take over from your Captain, then I can see the use of it.  Not entirely sure if it uses the amended Captain Skill or not though... In theory you could bump up you Captain Skill, then sacrifice them for the full +3 dice attack and still have a Captain to fall back on.  Hmm.

Finally, the Captains:
The Generic and Kurn.  No faction penalty for assigning to any ship, but his ability can only be used whilst on a Klingon ship.  Am I missing something here?  As previously stated, you'd have to bump his Captain Skill up to about 6, sacrifice him for the +3 attack dice, then make sure you have a card in play to replace him.  Thematic, yes, expensive, yes, worth it... Not so sure.  Especially when there is a different version of Kurn with a higher Captain Skill and the ability to re-roll battlestations dice on defence.

Overall, a mixed bag here.  The ship is nice, the cloaked mines and the stealth team are nice.  Kurn, the ambush attack and Mauk-to'Vor are very situational.  If you can see any other uses for them, please let me know!

Until next time, here are a couple of shots of the ship:


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  1. Great review Id. It strikes me as a useful vessel with a questionable crew though. The Klingon Stealth Team sounds good though. Thanks for the review :-)