Sunday, 2 October 2016

Deja Q - Q OP2

It's that time again folks!  A short OP report this time, alas a low turnout, only two players so just the one game to run through.

The OP this time essentially cripples your highest hull ship by dumping Q aboard it causing all sorts of chaos - auxiliary tokens for the first 4 turns and halving both offensive and defensive capabilities of your ship for the entire event.

First up, the list:

Federation Starship (Excelsior Class) [24]
- Donatra 6 (Captain) [5]
- Miles O'Brien [2]
- Julian Bashir [3]
Ship Total: 34 SP

U.S.S. Voyager [30]
- Khan Singh 8 (Captain) [6]
- - Fire! [6]
- Shanthi (Admiral) [2]
- Romulan Security Officer [2]
- Remata'Klan [4]
Ship Total: 50 SP

Dominion Attack Fighters (Hideki Class Attack Squadron) [20]
- Flanking Attack [3]
Ship Total: 23 SP

Dominion Attack Fighters (Hideki Class Attack Squadron) [20]
- Flanking Attack [3]
Ship Total: 23 SP

Fleet Total: 130 SP

The idea is for the Excelsior to just fly around keeping in range one of the Voyager (yes! I now have the Voyager!) and causing chaos with the opposing fleet with Bashir and O'Brien.

The Voyager has a CS of 10, raising to 12 when Remata'Klan is in effect so would hopefully get the first shot off and with the help of either or both of the Hideki's kill something quite soon in.  The Hidekis are there for pure annoyance value.

So, first and only game vs Federation

The opposing list included the USS Voyager, the USS Defiant, the USS Valiant and the USS Equinox.

A quick couple of shots of my fleet:

My opponent's fleet:

Turn 1 consisted of both fleets moving toward each other cautiously, so no photo of that!

Turn 2 both fleets closed into attack range:

My Voyager got to fire first combining fire with one of the Hidekis against the Valiant, so a total of 13 dice were rolled, and after my battlestations token was used (Khan 8 turning them into critical hits rather than normal hits) I ended up with:
Immediately eliminating the Valiant and Donatra - this would have a telling effect for the rest of the game.  The return fire knocked a token off one of the Hidekis and my opponent opted to miss the rest of his attacks to "move the asteroid" to gain some points.

This left the following opposing ships on the table:
The next turn of moving was a bit of a mess as neither of us had realised until the first turn of firing that the object was treated as a planet - this had prevented many shots in the first turn and made a good old mess of things when the fleets closed!

We ended up in the following positions:

Again, the Hideki damaged the Defiant, my Voyager took a pot shot at the other one, not having too much effect.  In return the Hideki lost another token.  We all recovered some point by "moving the asteroid"...

A turn later:
My Voyager takes a shot at the Defiant, and with Khan converting the battlestations to crits (then the Defiant changing them back to hits) managed to do another 4 damage to it, finishing it off.

This left the following ships on the table:
 By the time we had worked everything else out, time had elapsed and the score ended up as 128 vs 45; a win for me in a very strange OP game.

We discussed this one in depth afterwards and neither of us felt that this event had the same thought put into it as some of the previous ones.  The wording of the Q effects were quite confusing in some places and didn't really capture the essence of the episode it was trying to emulate.

Regardless of the actual event itself, we both walked away with the prize ship, the IKS Korinar and the played a friendly one on one 50 point test game afterwards.

The test game was purely to see how one of my highly defensive builds for Voyager fared against an offence orientated ship - in this case a Borg Tactical cube (58 points).

I won't detail the entire build here, but with a couple of photos from the game:
 The Voyager spots the Borg closing rapidly.
 The Cube and the Voyager circle each other for about 9 or 10 rounds exchanging fire.
 The final shot of the game - Voyager at range one manages to finish off the Cube!
 Closeup of "The Dice"!
USS Voyager leaves behind the wreck of the Cube and continues on its way home...

All in all, not a bad day gaming at all.  The event could have been better but fun was had and we now have a plan going forward for when the current run of OP events comes to an end.

Next up will be a quick review of the IKS Korinar - in a few days anyway!

Until next time - thanks for having a look!

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  1. Great stuff Id :-) I've managed to acquire some of the Q cards as well as Q and Lady Q as Captains, so the title of this posting immediately attracted my attention. I'm also a big fan of the episode the OP was trying to emulate. Well done on the win, and I'm looking forward to the review of the IKS Korinar!!