Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Xindi Reptilian Warship Review

Hi everyone, here's a quick review of the Temporal Cold War OP3 Xindi Reptilian Warship!

Firstly a shot of the ship herself:
 It's a very large miniature, far bigger than I'd have expected but it could be due to the many spikey bits sticking out the back.  If they had made it smaller then it might have been a tad fragile but as it is it's quite solid.

On to the ship cards:
 The named ship "Xindus" has a prety good stat line, very Klingon in fact along with the movement profile.  The named ability allows you to place one less time token on a photon torpedo upgrade after firing it... still not sold on the photons myself.  As usual the generic loses the ability, a shield and weapon upgrade slot.  The only issue with this ship compared to the Aquatic Cruiser is the firing arc - back to a 90 degree front arc instead of the 180.

Next up, the upgrades:
 Sensor Encoders gives each friendly ship within ranges 1-3 an extra defence die when your ship is destroyed.  Not sure if this is good or not... in a faction pure fleet it might have synergy with Kiaphet Amman'Sor from the Aquatic ship, but an extra die for one turn - I'm sure there are better upgrades for the cost.

The photon torpedoes are the same as many others - not worth it.

Next we get to the more interesting upgrades:
 Now Damron, I really like.  Hit a ship, spend a target lock to discard a crew upgrade on that ship.  Re-usable, appropriately costed and can be deadly to crew heavy builds (Federation).

Dominant Species is a discard that forces your opponent to re-roll two defence dice - very situational and for 5 points a tad expensive.  Could be pretty good if timed well though.

Finally, on to the Captains:
The usual Xindi Generic and Kolo.

For three points you get a five skill captain with an elite talent.  So far so good.  The best bit is his ability which allows you to redirect an attack from a friendly ship within range one to Kolo's ship.  This is excellent. You can use him to draw fire away from a key ship at a key moment.  You can keep a ship on its last hit point alive for that one extra turn, it could be the difference between a loss and a win.  Excellent card.

So, to sum up, a medium sized aggressive ship with a couple of excellent cards in the pack.  Very good and works well with other Xindi ships.

Until next time!

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