Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Destroy the Scimitar

 A friendly game - the co-operative mission that comes with the Valdore - Destroy the Scimitar!

Three players, each allowed 50 points each take on a high powered, exceptionally sneaky version of the Scimitar in a recreation of the Battle of the Bassen Rift.

Stats for the Scimitar are as follows:

Captain Skill: 10
Attack: 6
Defence: 2 (permanent cloak +4 dice until shields are gone)
Hull: 8
Shields: 8

It randomly moves at speed 3 each turn and gains a free battlestations action each turn.

The players used the following ships:

Romulan player: IRW Valdore
Federation player 1: USS Prometheus
Federation player 2 (me): USS Venture

My full build:

U.S.S. Venture [28]
- Jean-Luc Picard 9 (Captain) [6]
- Shanthi (Admiral) [2]
- High-Capacity Deflector Shield Grid [5]
- Additional Phaser Arrays [5]
- Geordi La Forge [4]
Ship Total: 50 SP

Fleet Total: 50 SP

Setup and turn 1:
All ships moved forward and the Venture attacked the Scimitar doing a slight amount of damage.

In return the Scimitar (being an equal amount of distance from both ships I choose who it fired at), attacked the Venture, I negated 2 damage with the High-Capacity Deflector Shield Grid and took the rest on the shields.

The Prometheus attacked the Scimitar again doing a small amount of damage.

Turn 2:
The Scimitar moved out of my arc, the Prometheus and the Scimitar exchanged fire.

Turn 3:
The Scimitar flanked my Venture and hammered it, all shields gone and hull damage taken.

The Prometheus and Valdore both attacked wiping off a few more shields from the Scimitar.

Turn 4:
The Scimitar out-manouvered the allied fleet and heavily damaged the Prometheus, the Venture started its slow turn to bring the Scimitar back into arc.

Turn 5:
Again, the Scimitar movement profile sends the allies into chaos.

Turn 6:
Finally, the allies manage to get the Scimitar in arc, leading it to lose its last shields.  In return it damages the Valdore, not quite destroying it.

Turn 7:
The Scimitar claims its first victim - the Prometheus finally succumbs to the onslaught.

The Valdore hammers the Scimitar in return, leaving it on a few hull points.

Turn 8:
The Valdore is destroyed, leaving the Venture to face the Scimitar alone.

Turn 9:
The Venture finally brings the Scimitar in arc, its first salvo brings it down to 2 hull points remaining, thanks to the secondary phaser array it gets another shot with 2 attack dice - 1 hit, 1 miss.  Shanthi's fleet action allows the re-roll, a hit is scored!  The Scimitar is destroyed and the Earth is saved.

All in all a very entertaining game, the co-operative nature made for a nice change of pace from the OP bloodshed that had occured earlier in the day.

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