Friday, 23 September 2016

3720 to 1!

A slight departure from my usual Star Trek Attack Wing report today - a quick run through of a recent tournament at a local store...

I think there were 9 players in attendence so 4 full rounds were played on the day...

After my last experience playing with Dash and 3 A-Wings, I thought I'd run something a little different, so ended up choosing:

Latts Razzi (33),
“Mangler” Cannon (4),
Weapons Engineer (3),
4-LOM (1),
K4 Security Droid (3),
Glitterstim (2),
Engine Upgrade (4)

50 points

Dengar (33),
Adaptability (0),
Recon Specialist (3),
R4 Agromech (2),
Punishing One (12)

50 points

Essentially the idea is to use Razzi's multiple target locks to reduce the agility of opposing ships whilst Dengar rips them apart.

Before I go on, I'll just say that I don't play X-Win nearly enough and I wasn't expecting to win any games, this for me is purely for fun!

So, on to the games!

Round 1 vs Rebels

Fat Han and Jake Farrell, no photos of this one unfortunately and in true epic fail style my opponent managed to get behind Razzi and kept on pecking away at him with Han and Jake until he was eventually destroyed.  Towards the latter stages of the game Han and Jake split up and attempted to outmanouver Dengar.  Luckily for me Jake made a slight error in his movement and I landed Dengar behind him at range one with two focus tokens - one lucky shot and Jake was gone.

Time ran out as Dengar and Han started trading shots so this one was lost on points.

Round 2 vs Scum

A contracted scout, 2 scum Y-Wings with TLT's and a Z-95.
This was an interesting game, I lost Razzi early on again in this one, to concentrated fire from the entire opposing force.
I did manage to kill off the Z-95 but couldn't quite finish off any other ships before time ran out, so yet another point loss!

Round 3 vs Scum

An interesting list this time, Kavil, Talonbane and two Z-95's (one named the other not).

My opponent seperated hid Z-95's out from Kavil and Talonbane, so I opted to get Talonbane out of the way as quickly as possible.

This is the only game that my plan actually worked as intended - Razzi target locked Talonbane, then when Dengar attacked Talonbane Razzi reduced his agility by 1, Dengar spent his focus token, gaining a target lock - this almost finished him off, then he attacked Dengar who got a return attack in and destroyed him.

One of the Z-95's flew in front of Razzi and went down to a lucky shot, shortly after the other Z-95 and Kavil fell to Dengar.  My first win of the day - 99-0!

Round 4 vs Rebels

3x T-70 - incuding Poe.

Note to self - do not joust wi multiple X-Wings.  I damaged some of them, but I was torn apart in this game - Dengar fell first and Razzi shortly after.  After the first round of firing I just couldn't get Razzi into position to use any actions...
Blocked and blown to pieces. Another loss and my firt tabling of the day!

So after four rounds I ended up with 1 win and 3 losses, unfortunately placing me in last place!  Still, really enjoyed the games and with a very good crowd of players and I did get one game that played out as planned so I was very happy!

Here are a few more shots taken of some of the other matches, just so you can get a feel for the lists people were running:

So until next time, thanks for having a look!


  1. I've yet to unbox my "X-Wing" Starter Set on account of still being thoroughly entertained by "STAW". But these sort of postings certainly make me want to give it a go. Razzi's YV-666 seems a little fragile to me though? Love some of the mats you were gaming on - very atmospheric :-)

  2. The YV-666 is actually quite a tough ship - it can take ages to take it down but unfortunately it turns like a brick and if you get behind it you're as good as gone! The Star Wars themed ones are the official Fantasy Flight ones, they are lovely looking...